"Construction & Fit Out with Expert Mechanical
           & Electrical Design and Installation"

Heating & Boilers

A&C Group’s Mechanical & Electrical team can check your heating and boiler to ensure it is running efficiently and safely. Our team of qualified and friendly, Gas Safe accredited, engineers are available 24/7 to provide full repairs and maintenance on any type of unit, offering low cost, high standard services across the board.

Boiler Upgrades

Heating costs are soaring and upgrading your boiler can lead to big savings. Modern gas boilers are designed to be cost efficient through lower energy usage, protecting the environment and your bank balance at the same time.

Boiler Breakdown Repairs

Almost nothing is more inconvenient than loss of heating and hot water. At times like this it is
critical to get a reliable engineer to repair your boiler quickly and cost effectively.

System Upgrades

A heating system is complex and our engineers can advise you on the best installation to suit your needs.
We work with trade customers and home owners so we have knowledge of the latest systems available to enhance and heat your home.

Power Flushes

Power flushing is an effective way to clean out your central heating system. If your central heating system is exhibiting disturbing signs like warming up too slowly, radiators heating inconsistently or needing frequent bleeding, a power flush could be the answer to the problem. Other signs that you need a power flush might be your boiler making a noise like a kettle or valves and pumps that keep breaking.

A power flush removes sludge and scale that builds up naturally within a system over time. Removing this material will increase system efficiency and reduce your heating bills as well as help stop the strange noises and effects caused by these residues.

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