Mechanical Design

Mechanical Engineers & Installers

Here in A&C UK Group Ltd, our team of qualified engineers and installers have wide experience in delivering Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning requirements for all building applications. We offer design, install and maintain any type of HVAC system for the domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. Our dedicated design team and expert project engineers are available to help guide you through the whole process, providing assistance in recognising building requirements before expertly designing the appropriate application for your needs.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning

Here at A&C UK Group Ltd, we are experienced HVAC installers and along with our suppliers and partners, we offer full planning, supply, installation, test and commission for all types of HVAC system for your temperature-controlled environment.

We also provide a full design and install service for ductwork systems in any material required such as galvanised steel, plastic or material. Our main goal is to guarantee a building’s ventilating systems function reliably and efficiently to enable the tenants to carry out their activities in ease and experience a relaxed atmosphere

Heating & Gas

We offer the full service to heating systems and boilers.

A&C UK Group Ltd is a Gas Safe registered company (Registration No. 584407) providing industrial and commercial gas installation services throughout the United Kingdom. With years of experience within the gas industry and are registered to provide domestic, commercial and industrial gas installs and repairs to both small and large projects. Our certified and highly skilled team of engineers and installers can safely carry out gas work on boilers, cookers, fires and a range of other gas appliances, in addition we are also licensed to work on gas appliances installed in commercial kitchens and restaurants.

A&C UK Group Ltd offers the following services in relation to Domestic, Commercial or Industrial gas solutions

  • Installation of new gas supplies.
  • Modification and extension of existing supplies.
  • De-commissioning and Commissioning of existing and new gas supplies.
  • Testing and commissioning of existing and new gas supplies.
  • Upgrades of existing gas appliances
  • Gas welding

As FGas certified company (Reference No. REF1015749), A&C UK Group Ltd is qualified to cover the expected volume of activities in the installation, commissioning, de-commissioning, repair, maintenance or servicing of stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment containing or is designed to contain certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.

In A&C UK Group Ltd, we also provide a boiler repair services and offer tailored packages to service and maintenance contracts.


A&C UK Group Ltd offer a full plumbing services. Our service covers all aspects of plumbing in relation to Domestic, Commercial or Industrial solutions. Our plumbing team also helps with the heating, ventilation and refrigeration teams which enables projects in any of these service areas to run seamlessly as we do not have to deal with outside contractors

Other Services

In addition to carrying out installation works as a complete site based operationA&C UK Group Ltd are able to carry out off-site fabrication works both to service our site works, and as stand-alone fabrication projects. We carry out fabrication works in accordance with detailed client drawings, with all fabrication isometrics produced by our partner companies, together with QA documentation which is maintained for record purposes over the duration of the project.